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Stability Ball Chairs & Accessories

Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of stability ball chairs in the color and size you need to stop the pain and discomfort most offer chairs provide.

With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, stability ball chairs, also called exercise ball chairs or swiss ball chairs, will profoundly improve the aching back, legs and arms that comes from working at your desk for hours at a time. These unique chairs are designed by leading fitness and health professionals to build a stronger, healthier back as well as improve your overall well being.

Stability ball chairs use the same exercise ball employed in your workout routine, with the addition of a chair base and adjustable back support. A good swiss ball chair will relieve stress on the spine as well as prevent back discomfort and repetitive motion disorders. Using theses exercise ball chairs make it almost impossible to have poor posture while keeping you active even during your busy work days.

Some popular models of Stability Ball Chairs:

Gaim Balance Ball Chair The Gaim Balance Ball Chair is a revolutionary alternative to your average office chair, combinging a comfortable ergonomic chair with the fitness component a stability ball provides. This ergonomic chair is composed of a 52cm BalanceBall, an adjustable back support bar, and locakable castor wheels. Available in charcoal, blush, plum, sage, & pool, the chair will fit in in almost any office.

Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair The Isokinetics Stability Ball Chair features a 52cm balance ball in black, red, white or purple, a rolling base with four castor wheels, and a back support bar. The stability ball chair forces constant minute postitioning adjustments, which increase muscle tone as well as improve balance and posture over time.

FitBall Exercise Ball Chair The FitBALL chair offers all the benefits of using an exercise ball while working at your desk. It promotes active sitting, where your body is continually making unconscious small adjustments to remain balanced. These adjustments strengthen the back while promoting good posture.

DynaFlex Fit Chair The Fit Chair helps relieve strain and stress on the spine and helps eliminate repetitive motion inuries. The Fit Chair is made up of a high quality puncture-resistant ball along with a rolling base. Your posture sees immediate improvement as you allow your body to adjust to the bouncing and swaying of the ball, strengthening your core muscles.